Our Mission
Our desire is to assist
the small business in
developing and
implementing plans that
will enable them to
reduce their tax burden,
their overhead,and their
overall frustration, while
protecting their assets
and accurately
representing their value.
Dallas Tax Solutions Inc
About Us
The place to turn to for bookkeeping and tax needs
Dallas Tax Solutions offers every aspect of
bookkeeping and tax preparation services
to small-and medium-size businesses, as well
as individuals.  We provide our clients with
complete support, including bank
reconciliations, payroll tax, sales tax and
financial statements. We'll work closely with
you to manage every aspect of your
business needs.

Even though we have only been
incorporated for 3 years, we have been
around for many years, with a multitude of
satisfied customers... and each one of them
had unique problems that had to be
addressed individually.

Feel free to contact us for a list of referrals.
Gayla McGinnis, EA & RTRP
Patty Jensen, Bookkeeper
Patty and Gayla have worked
together for the past 8 years.
Patty spent the previous 16
years of her professional
career in the bookkeeping
department of two major local
hospitals.  When she's not in
the office posting away, then
she's either helping someone
decorate their home, designing
their landscape or.....at the pool.
Contact us:
Brie came on board with us in 2010 as our
Individual Tax Return specialist.  She spent many
years working with Catherine doing tax write-up,
as well as in the family business, which has given
her a good background for understanding what's
needed, and how to get there in the most efficient
way possible.  If you want to know the status of
your taxes, Brie is the go-to-girl.
Gayla has been doing
full-service bookkeeping for
over 25 years, and has been
doing taxes for 13 of those
years.   Taught by the best,
mentored by many, now
mentoring and training others,
while helping them achieve
their goals.  A great place to be
at such a difficult time in our
country's history.
Jessica Whiddon, QB & PR Specialist
Jessica also joined our team in 2010,
and between her computer skills,
enthusiasm and willingness to learn,
she has become a great asset, and
is now training others.  She juggles
many bookkeeping and payroll
clients, including several virtual
construction clients while she is
pursuing her accounting degree
James Nelson (aka Google Tax) a
semi-retired  veteran CPA with
many years of experience,
partnered with us in 2011.  He
brings a higher level of expertise
to the table during tax season,
and he is loving the challenges
that our clientele bring.... so
much that he has decided to
hang around indefinitely :-)
And last, but not least, we
musn't neglect to give
credit to Catherine Brown,
who is nothing short of a
legend in the Dallas area.  
Many of our tax clients
have been referred by
Catherine, for which we
are eternally grateful.  She
has been doing taxes  for
more years than she will
admit to. Catherine taught
Gayla the ropes back
when she was a mere
child, and has been her
mentor ever since.  We
finally snagged a photo
with her that she would
allow us to publicize!!
Brie Seay, Registered Tax Preparer
James Nelson, CPA
Misu came aboard during 2015 tax season, after recently
graduating from UT Arlington, ready to learn public
accounting methods without a textbook!  We are excited to
upgrade our team with some young blood LOL and can't wait
to see what the future holds for her as well as our office.  Misu
will be learning bookkeeping while assisting Gayla with
business tax issues, as well as overall support to the entire
Catherine Brown, Legend
Misu Tran, Accountant